Can I Join Odeon Limitless At The Cinema?

You can book tickets using Limitless in an Odeon cinema or online.

You can book tickets for as many screenings as you want on the day you are booking.

However, your bookings cannot overlap.

You can pay for your membership via credit or debit card.

Can I buy Odeon limitless in the cinema?

You can use your Limitless membership as soon as you have joined online. Odeon will provide you with a printable temporary membership card and number to use while you wait for the permanent card to arrive in the post. You will need to bring this card with you when you visit the cinema.

Can I use Odeon limitless straight away?

Yes, as soon as a ticket is available to be booked you can use your Limitless membership to reserve your ticket.

What do you get with Odeon limitless?

As an ODEON Limitless member, not only can you continue to enjoy all the films you want as often as you like, for one monthly fee. But now you will also have access to ODEON Limitless member treats, including exclusive member previews, and 10% discount on selected in-cinema food and drink.

Can I cancel my limitless membership?

You should do this by calling us on the ODEON Limitless customer service number (0330 0246 782). Here’s how it works: i) If you cancel your membership within the 14 day period and you have not used your membership, we will refund any fees you have paid.

Is Odeon better than Cineworld?

It is more likely you have an Odeon near you as the company has 121 cinemas around the UK, whereas Cineworld only has 89.

How much is an unlimited cinema card?

Cineworld Unlimited price options

All Cineworld Cinemas (Except London West End)All Cineworld Cinemas (Including London West End)
Cost per month (12 months)£17.40£19.90
Annual cost (one off cost)£202.80£238.80

Does Odeon limitless automatically renew?

If you pay for your limitless in monthly subscriptions, your membership will automatically renew, once your 12 months are up.

Are IMAX movies 3d?

IMAX is a movie watching format which consists of a big curved screen with two projectors, each projecting an image of either 2K or 4K resolution depending on the theatre. So a separate projector for each eye ensures brighter and immersive 3D experience but also causes a significant loss of resolution.

Do Vue do unlimited cards?

The Premium Unlimited card currently comes with exclusive offers*, including: a massive 25% off food and drink on every visit. unlimited 3D movies (without paying the uplift)