Quick Answer: Can I Buy Tickets On Fandango For Someone Else?

You can purchase movie tickets on Fandango in these simple steps: Use the search box at the top of the Fandango website or in the mobile app to find a show time and theater near you.

Choose the number of tickets you want to purchase and pick your seat(s) (if reserved seating is available).

Can I buy movie tickets for someone else?

Ticket Purchase: If you want to buy someone’s ticket for a specific movie, just pick the movie, showtime and ticket type, and purchase the ticket(s). When you receive the QR code, forward it to the recipient. Know their favorite movie snack? You can include that in your order too (at select theaters).

How do I get my tickets from Fandango?

After you complete your purchase, you’ll see a confirmation page for methods to pick up your tickets. Depending on the theater and your device, you may print your tickets at home, pick up at the box office or kiosk with a valid credit card, or use a mobile ticket (if available).

Can you show Fandango tickets on your phone?

Get the Fandango app.

Searching for movie theaters that accept Fandango Mobile Tickets is even quicker using your iOS or Android phone. For Android users, the app’s name is Fandango Movies. Tap the “Install” button to install the app to your device.

How do I avoid Fandango fees?

How to Get the Fandango Convenience Fee Waived

  • Check Out Online Coupon Sites.
  • Join Fandango VIP.
  • Purchase Your Tickets Directly Through the Theater Website.
  • Buy Your Tickets the Old-Fashioned Way.
  • Go on Discount Days.
  • Keep Snack Purchases to a Minimum.
  • Use Your Rewards Points.