Can A 16 Year Old Get Into An R Rated Movie With A 17 Year Old?

Can a minor get into an R rated movie with a 17 year old?

Not all ticket types are available for all performances.

Children under age 17 requires an accompanying parent or guardian (age 21 or older) to attend R rated performances.

Can a 17 year old take a 16 year old to an R movie?

For films rated “R” by the MPAA:

REG will not sell tickets to any person under the age of 17 (18 where applicable). The purchaser must also attend the movie for which the additional tickets are purchased. Patrons 17 to 20 years of age may only purchase more than one ticket if they are able to provide photo I.D.

Can you watch R rated movies at 16?

There is no legal age or other restrictions for home exhibition of R-rated or NC-17 (X-rated) movies. Easier parents will give open license to PG-13 movies at the age of 6–8 and R-rated movies at the age of 12–14.15 May 2018

Can a 18 year old buy a rated R movie ticket for a 16 year old?

The MPAA ratings specify for an R-rated movie: “Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian.” However, the text does not specify the minimum age of the “adult guardian.” So, yes, you have to be 21 to purchase a ticket for a minor to an R-rated movie.24 Jul 2019