Question: Are Hamilton Tickets Cheaper At The Box Office?

Hamilton tickets often sell for their regular price (face value), nine months in advance at the box office.

These tickets are often never seen on the Ticketmaster website and are often bought from the box office in person at the Richard Rodgers Theatre 226 West 46th Street New York, NY 10019 .

Can I get Hamilton tickets at the box office?

Purchase Broadway tickets in person at the box office.

If you live near New York City and can wait several months to see Hamilton, purchase tickets at the Broadway box office. Although the priciest option, buying box office tickets is the safest and easiest way for locals to find Hamilton tickets.

How much should I pay for Hamilton tickets?

The rest of the house — everything but the lottery tickets, or about 1,075 seats per show — will be sold for between $179 and $199 (currently, the regular seats are priced from $139 to $177). The 46 $10 seats sold via lottery will be in the theater’s first two rows.

Are Broadway tickets cheaper at the box office?

Broadway ticket fees can increase the price Broadway Tickets. Buying From The Box Office instead From Ticketmaster/Telecharge can result in lower fees.

Are there fees when you buy tickets at the box office?

Does Ticketmaster charge fees when you go to the venue to purchase tickets? Yes, now you pay all fees no matter what you do. It used to be, for generations, that if you dragged yourself to the venue and bought tickets in person from their box office… you could pay face value.