Question: Are Cineworld Seats Premium?

Can you choose your seats at Cineworld?

Allocated seating is coming to Cineworld in June.

Guarantee your seats when you book online or in the cinema itself.

Simply turn up with your reserved seats already booked, and print out your tickets from our ATM’s or go straight through to the cinema screen with a smartphone to display your ticket.16 May 2014

What are Star seats at Cineworld?

Simply tell the staff member when you are buying your ticket that you’d like to book a Star Seat and the number of tickets you want. They will ensure you are given a Star Seat for your chosen film.30 Jun 2014

What is cineworld premium?

Cineworld Unlimited Premium – Benefits For Long Term Members. £14.99. Posted 13th Nov 2012. Premium Unlimited is almost here, which means any Unlimited customers who have held their membership for a period of 12 months or longer will get FREE 3D* movies (no £1.50 surcharge) and 25% off all food and drink*.13 Nov 2012

How much is it at Cineworld?

Cineworld Prices (UK)

Children (ages 1-14)£7.50 – £11.00
Adult (15+)£10.30 – £13.00
Senior/Student£8.50 – £11.00
Family (2/2 or 1/3)£34.30 – £45.00

84 more rows

14 Mar 2017