Getting in Touch with Your Spiritual Journey

As humans, we all share a common trait, which is curiosity. This curiosity leads us into the deepest regions of the ocean and into the depths of space in search of answers to the meaning of life and what it means to be human. This curiosity and insatiable need for answers have defined us as a species and have been with us since the earliest days, when our ancestors wrote their stories on cave walls in ochre and natural pigments. Today, we can view these early scrawlings and relate to them as they inspire in us a sense of the infinite, the mysterious, and the numinous. Despite millennia of cultural change and technological advancement, our most basic questions remain the same as those our earliest ancestors had!

Given how curious we are as a species, it is no surprise that we take advantage of a number of tools that allow us to develop insights into who we are in this world and where we might be headed in the next world. Of course, one might think that seeking the counsel of a psychic reader would provide some answers, but it may be more prudent to seek the experience of a spiritual medium. The psychic reading might provide some insight into the here and now, and answer a specific question or two, but the wide range of a spiritual reading provides useful insights into who we are, where we are going, the essence of our spirit, and the trajectory of our spiritual journey.

The History of Spiritism

Modern day spiritualism has roots that stretch back to antiquity, but the very first informal organizations of spiritualist groups were formed in the mid to late nineteenth century in largely English-speaking countries. Inspired by the visionary writings of Emanuel Swedenborg, and finding a voice in the writings of William Blake and others, the early spiritualists practiced a wide array of divination techniques and mediumship. We can draw a line from modern mediumship and spiritual practices to these early practitioners, but it was not until the early twentieth century that the traditions were formalized into a set of common practices.

Spiritual Journey

The Benefits of a Reading

There are many reasons why a person might seek the counsel and advice of a spiritual medium. Because this type of practice draws upon the spirit world in a more direct way, it can provide much deeper answers than a simpler psychic reading can provide.

Curiously, as photography was developed in the late nineteenth century, it also had the power to show everyday people the tragic and horrible losses of wartime. This new medium impacted people so that they sought answers about loved ones that had died, and about the ultimate meaning of life itself. And so, it developed hand in hand with Spiritism and the insight that a reading might provide.

The power of a reading by a gifted and experienced medium lies in its ability to provide comfort, answers, and insights into the purpose of an individual life as part of a whole. Despite our technological advances, we remain as curious as ever, and we all seek answers to the ultimate questions that plague us.

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